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Development path
Inspire 20 years / Emperor 20 years
In the autumn of this year, the selection of the Yuyuan Road in the Yuhua District of Changsha City was launched.
In the previous business model of the shop and the factory, the customers queued to buy, and sold out on the same day of production on the same day, which was in line with the purchase of the ticket in the planned economy era.
At the beginning of the year, the emperor formed a direct team.
Changsha was like a small county town today. The city is still small and the economy is just starting. The first Wang Changzheng and other eight young people in their early 20s came to the provincial capital from the countryside, riding bicycles and walking the streets, selling five-point and one yuan. The bag of the emperor dried betel nut, wet betel nut, and tender young, with the taste of the taste of the emperor, the daily sales are around 20,000 to 30,000.
At the end of the year, the second Emperor Penang shop opened in Changde Binhu Road.
Still in the nascent stage of the consumption of betel nuts, the town of Xiangbei was in love with the emperor at first sight. In just a few months, the boxed emperor’s daily sales exceeded 20,000.
With the production site of Liyuan Road Store unable to meet the market supply, the Emperor chose to produce the Emperor's betel nut at the Xiangyuan Road Aviation Third Hospital.
Emperor Penang hired a professional manager.
At the end of the year, the direct business team of the provincial capital gradually grew to more than 30 people.
Emperor Bengal moved to Xiangtan, the city of the betel nut industry, to seek a bigger breakthrough. (Not uniform in the two materials, 2001/2000?)
Huangye Betel was named “a well-known brand in Hunan market”.
year 2002
“Xiangtang Yuetang District Huangye Betel Factory” was established.
“Xiangtan Betel Nut Product Technology Research Institute” was established.
The Emperor's Betel was awarded the “2002 Consumer Trustworthy Brand” by the Hunan Consumer Council.
Year 2003
In May, Emperor Gongyi recruited sales talents through the Xiaoxiang Morning News and stationed in 14 prefectures in Hunan Province to complete the marketing network layout in the province.
At the same time, in addition to capacity and capacity, the Emperor’s factory in Xiangtan immediately expanded tens of thousands of square meters.
“Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd.” was incorporated.
Huangye Food has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification.
Was rated as the industry's first "five-star quality assurance enterprise."
The Xiangtan Municipal People's Government awarded the Emperor "2003 Xiangtan Famous Brand Products".
The emperor was named "a famous trademark of Hunan Province".
Become a member of the Hunan Provincial Trademark Association.
year 2004
Hainan Sanya Saike Food Co., Ltd. was established.
“The Emperor Penang Hope Engineering Fund” was established.
year 2006
The registered trademark of “Emperor” was recognized as “China Famous Brand”.
Year 2009
The emperor moved to Yiyang as a whole and sought the leap-forward development of the company. “Hunan Yiyang Huangye Food Co., Ltd.” was established and invested 120 million yuan to build the Huangye Food Industrial Park in Yiyang City.
Won the title of "Hunan Province Quality Credit AAA Enterprise".
The acquisition of the century-old brand name "Zhang Xinfa".
Year 2014
Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce officially recognized Zhang Xinfa as "Hunan old name"
The traditional production process of Zhang Xinfa's betel nut was identified as “Xiangtan Intangible Cultural Heritage”